We all have GAS...

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

GAS. We all have it, but how do YOU handle it?

Now, when I say GAS, I don't mean the type that your probably thinking of!

What I'm talking about is 'Gear Acquisition Syndrome'.

Lot's of lovely images of gear by a myriad of photographers. We all collect gear, we all have GAS.

Let's face it, everyone loves to purchase new gear. Whether it's a new lens, a new camera body, or studio lights and strobes - the feeling of spending money and buying new stuff is always great.

The question I want to ask though, is how often do we really need to do it?

So many of these purchases are done purely from a consumer society compulsion of feeling like we NEED that new item when in reality we probably don't...

Do we really use all of our gear to it's max potential, or do we just like that rush of excitement when we go out and buy something?

I have a lovely D850. It's a fantastic piece of gear and one that I don't use to it's max. Yet I have this strong urge to go out and buy a Nikon Z6.

I'd love to have a second camera body but I don't think I can really justify it or even really need it for what I do. It's an insane feeling but given consumerism it's still there.

Let me know your thoughts on GAS. How do you handle it, what was your last purchase?

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