My Blog posts are sporadic.

I've realized that my blog writing is sporadic.

I always have this dreamy association with writing a blog, I love the idea of it but at the same time I never really seem to take the time to sit down and write.

It might be because I feel this need to have a concise and planned list of what I should be writing about rather than just sitting down and writing. I guess that this then leads me to procrastinate and try and think of things to write rather than actually writing anything.

I've recently had my birthday. I was very fortunate to get a great gift from my wife and and a lovely one from my Dad.

They happen to go very well together, a Fujifilm X-H1 and the Fujinon XF 35mm f1.4

I already own an Fujifilm X-T3. It's a camera that I purchased about a year or so ago when we went for a trip to Bali and I wanted a lighter more compact camera system to compliment my Nikon D850.

I really love the Fuji mirror-less system and the amazing colors that Fujifilm produces in it's JPG's. When I heard that there was a sale on the discontinued X-H1 and more importantly that my local authorized dealer actually had one brand new in box, I had to grab it.

I'm lucky enough to have picked up the last piece in the region. It's one of the last pieces manufactured by Fujifilm as well and came complete with the grip and extra batteries.

It's nice to have to compliment the X-T3. The build of the X-H1 is a step above the X-T3 and it's in body stabilization really comes in handy. Plus that leaf shutter...omg, what a shutter and what a sound.

I've started to use the X-H1 as my everyday, go anywhere camera. It's tough enough to take abuse and paired with either the 23mm wr f2, or the 50mm wr f2, it makes a great weather sealed body and lens setup.

Living in the middle of a desert where humidity is super high most of the year round and sand is everywhere, this really comes in handy.

Well, those are some thoughts for today, some things that have been going on with me recently and my latest gear news.

Until next time.

Here are some shots taken with the X-H1.

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